Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Audio Project

Carolina Pino and Terence Arjo


“When I was a kid, I remember that some words, if not all of them, had meanings to me that were quite different from what they actually meant. For example, “viernes” (Friday in Spanish) meant a rainbow spreading through a cloud, rendered in some very pop colors. Or the word “flower” for me was an expanse of red fabric. These associations really helped me to understand, later on, what the real meaning of these words were.

A word, after all, is just the representation of a concept, often times an abstract one. This idea of free association, matching an image to a word, caught our attention. Could it be applied with sound as well? Might this lead to a better understanding of a complex concept? Could be interesting….

We would like to create a sound essay that examines the relationship between a concepts representation as words, and its representation as a sound. We propose presenting some of our fellow students a series words, and asking them to create the sound (and expressing it audibly) that would represent these concepts.


We will re-compose the responses, interweaving them with additional sound effects and samples with the Audacity Software.
1 track or channel for each word or concept.


-Sound captured during interviews with 5 different ITP students

Words and concepts to be used:

-Number 9 – Color BLUE – Word INTERACTION – Word MUSIC – Word


-Marantz professional Recorder pmd660

-Microphone - Dynamic SM57

-Audacity Software